About Us

Compansol (Computer Analysis & Solutions) has been a leading company for contact management software and other software solutions since 1992. At Compansol, we strive to create powerful software utilizing our rigorous development and quality assurance process. Our dedication to reliability, availability and courtesy allows us to provide the most responsive customer service possible.

Compansol has 25 years of experience using the industry's leading development tools and technology, including database technology, embedded system design and web applications.

Compansol developed "BLUMEN", a database management software used extensively by more than a thousand TRiO programs at universities, colleges, schools and other organizations across the United States, the Caribbean and the Pacific Islands to prepare the Annual Performance Report as desired by the Department of Education. Compansol has also developed client tracking software for counselors to track clients and log all details of the contacts with them, and a complete e-mail marketing tool for use with opt-in and broadcast e-mail lists is one of the latest additions to Compansol's list of products.

Companies requiring a comprehensive customer service ticketing solution to track the progress of all customer service tickets can make use of Compansol's new customer support ticketing software. Medical laboratories can use the new software developed by Compansol for data analysis and results management. We also specialize in web application development and maintenance we have developed many B2C web sites, we administer two leading music and entertainment rental web sites - godesigo.com and desipadam.com.

We have recently integrated live web demos, live web support and online tutorials into our support structure to provide a more complete and friendly experience for our customers.

Compansol also offers custom software development and consulting services. For more information, please email info@compansol.com.


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