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Customer Feedback

"I like the new Prior Experience Points Calculator.  Blumen makes the APR very easy. I...."
Jill Hendricks, Director (UB), Arkansas Tech University

"We love Blumen.  We have used it for the past 5 + years and would...."
Charlotte Mowery, Director (SSS), Wytheville Community College

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APR 2012-2013

UB & UBMS APRs now released.

All the news and Blumen updates you...

Order 10.05 (UB, UBMS & VUB)

This update is required for the new 2012-2013 APR. 


Pre-Order 10.06 for Ronald McNair programs

This update is required for the new 2012-2013 APR.



Training Schedule for 2014 is now available.

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